Playing Poirot


The inexplicable is usually caused by a paucity of evidence combined with ineffective deduction.

The appearance of one, besuited office worker on the canteen floor would, at first glance, have appeared to be both remarkable and beyond reason. Initial diagnosis of the situation will have been further complicated by the gentleman’s relaxed demeanour – his apparent clarity of thought and relaxed and steady heart rate gave no clue as to his immediate past.

But there is always a trail, which can be traced to a cause, to give us understanding of the present. This trail just needs to be found, then patiently followed back in order to establish the facts.

The previous night, it seems, the same gentleman had outstayed his normal bedtime. According to his wife, his routine had been swayed by the charms of the televisual series “Gomorrah” – an instance perhaps not noteworthy in itself – but, apparently one that was then followed by a fitful night’s sleep.  The cause of this – when carefully attended to – ceases to be a mystery, for it can be apportioned to an enthusiastic use of a new central heating system. Small temperature differences in the night have oft reported to cause minor flare ups of neurological confusion to an individual predisposed to suffer such.

The wife’s evidence further bolsters this thread of supposition as she reports that the gentleman awoke that next morning complaining of numbness in his lower limbs.

We must shift now the environs of our case to “Featureless Office Block 1” where, that next morning (I have been informed by one of reliable repute), the same gentleman emerged from his post-commute shower with red and “smarting” legs. The less inquisitive may cast this grain of evidence away – but, my little grey cells collate such pearls of wisdom because it is these very such grains that together create the circumstance that we later receive.

The last known sighting of the gentleman appears to have been at circa 10am when a colleague recalls complaints of a light headedness which our patient had sought to arrest with a steaming hot coffee.

Thus my equation nears completion: overtiredness plus overheating, plus a bad night’s sleep, plus the early signs of neurological confusion. Our gentleman clearly removed himself from his busy office environment, in retreat to the quiet confines of the canteen, where somesort of vertigo seems to have overcome him and brought him to the floor. Eye witnesses report he appears to have dozed  quite happy for almost an hour with head resting directly, if not comfortably, on the hard-wearing carpet tiles thereof.    .

This, my friends, is no mystery.

Just another an unremarkable day.

The huge great big, red neon light flashing above our patients head perhaps offers the greatest clue – the capitalisation is not my own: “JUST TRYING TO KEEP GOING, DESPITE MS. SOMETIMES IT’S HARD”.

We can concur that some sort of  “MS”  incident is here at play.

An abbreviation I will now google to determine exact meaning.



“CyclingWthMS” – sometimes just “TryingToLiveWithMS”





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